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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Trend Graph

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Trend Graph - Panasonic EW-BU35W

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Products Details

Panasonic blood pressure monitors have a digital filter sensor that detects and isolates only the essential pulse oscillation eliminating other noise factors, leading to quick and reliable measurement capabilities. The EW-BU35W allows for one-touch auto inflate which allows for readings to be taken during the inflation to prevent over-tightening of the cuff. The cuff is designed so that the unit can be used for both left and right handed users. The large easy read LCD display allows 270 memory readings and is equipped with averaging feature, weekly/monthly trend graph, flash hypertension warning system, body movement detection and clock function. Also, this unit has irregular pulse function that will automatically detect an irregular pulse or arm movement and display a corresponding iron alerting you to retake the measurement. AM/PM average systolic comparison detects high risk early morning hypertension by showing an average reading for AM and PM.

Key Features

Easy: Wide LCD Display, Optional Large Cuff
Smart: Memory up to 270 Readings
Accurate: Digital Filter Technology, Body Movement Detection
Extra Features: Hypertension Warnings, Trend Graph, Irregular Pulse Alert, AM/PM Readings, Positioning Guide
Great for Portability
Clinically Proven Accurate Measurement
24 Hour Customer Service Hotline